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Our Father's Business

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Our Father's Business

Hi Friends, Our Father's Business is  running for  to support the Cross  ministries in our state and in India, we invite you to be part of Our Father's Business to do any kind of business in our state , India is good oppertunity to do Business and multiply your resourses

We came from Lather community background even my  my grandfather did Business export and import in the railways in 19 60 to 1979 after he died we lost that business and then  after 1990 we have started  slowly started now presently we make shoe's to school's and Diabetic and handycapped

All Kinds of Surgical items

Leather Footwear itams

giving  cow's, sewing michines in poor communities to see the poor became christ centered happiest communities and Rich.

giving funds to group of women to  raise their community through small small busness, shops. vigitable selling Etc...

we are praying to enter into electronical items selling ,computers selling and working on enter into softwate solutions

Pray and give us your Ideas and be a blessing for the God's Kingdom sake in India,

May God Bless you

soon you will have  updates of Our father's Busines+photos

If you want be a part of The Business  or want  Invest  in  Our Father's Business to see the God's kingdom in India,

contact us